Government jobs in Singapore

Singapore is well-known for its low taxes, cheap cost of living, and warm, inviting environment, to name a few characteristics. Singapore, often known as the “heart of Asia,” is well-known for being secure and friendly. Many people want to live and work in the city, and they are not alone.

Fortunately, the government employment market in the Asian metropolis is constantly expanding. More sectors are emerging, and there has been a significant rise in the number of expats and locals launching their own businesses. It is quite possible for expatriates to get work in Singapore – but how do you get started in the process?

Government positions are in high demand in Singapore, as they are in many other countries. The Singapore government offers hundreds of government positions on a monthly basis for individuals of all ages, experience levels, and educational backgrounds to fill. You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for a government position in Singapore. The following are the procedures to take in order to get a government position in Singapore.

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Government jobs in Singapore

Government jobs in SingaporeGovernment jobs in Singapore

This article will take you through the process of obtaining a government jobs in Singapore in eight simple steps:

1. Select a booming industry to work in.

While Singapore has a diverse range of marketplaces, certain sectors are more developed than others. Singapore has always been a friendly environment for financial experts, particularly those working in audit and securities.

While the financial sector continues to be prominent in the city, new sectors are emerging at a rapid pace in the southern Asian metropolis. Jobs for information technology professionals, digital marketers, and compliance experts are in high demand.

Demand is also high in the areas of technology and eCommerce, with a strong emphasis on recruiting UI and UX designers, as well as in the industries of hospitality, service, tourism, and computer science. Talent management and human resource leadership are two more positions that are common in Singapore.

2. Be familiar with standard employment procedures.

Before deciding to work in Singapore for a government position, it’s a good idea to consider if the most prevalent employment practices are a suitable match for your personal preferences and lifestyle.

The Ministry of Manpower provides a comprehensive list of employment resources that include information on salaries, skill training, leaves of absence, holidays, hours, contracts, and much more. These resources will assist you in getting a better understanding of what it will be like to work in Singapore.

Government employment are some of the most widely sought-after positions accessible in any country on the planet. Government positions not only provide excellent pay, but they also provide stability and employment security. People of all ages aspire to get a government position and establish themselves in a nice lifestyle.

3. Confirm Your Eligibility for Assistance

On the subject of labour laws and regulations, the government of Singapore ranks among the most liberal countries in the world. In Singapore, there are thousands of ex-pats who have settled there, including foreign-born Singapore residents and dual passport holders, as well as foreign nationals who have established a permanent home in the country. All of these citizen classifications are allowed to work for the government of Singapore in various capacities.

Those who were not born in Singapore and do not have Singapore citizenship may want to check their eligibility for a government jobs in Singapore before beginning their search. A self- assessment tool on the Ministry of Manpower’s website, which enables you to learn the types of occupations for which you are qualified, is available to visitors.

4. Begin looking for government job opportunities.

The Singapore Government’s careers website is the single greatest location to search for employment in your sector because it is maintained by the government itself. You are certain to find something useful on this platform, regardless of whether you are a recent graduate or an established professional seeking to make a move into the government sector.

It is possible to filter jobs on the website in accordance with your preferences and criteria. You have the option of filtering jobs by job department, category, or work type. At any one moment, there are hundreds of government positions listed on the website for applicants to consider.

5. Gain an understanding of employment practices.

In the event that you are moving from the private sector to the public sector or from one nation to another, it is essential that you be familiar with the employment procedures of your new employer. The Singaporean government has guaranteed that hiring procedures are uniform across all government positions by standardising them.

Employment practises that are commonly used in Singapore are listed by the Ministry of Manpower on their website. Everything from public holidays to personal leaves, as well as information on compensation and taxes, may be found on the Ministry of Manpower’s official website. It would be wise to go over this material before making a decision on a work position.

6. Submit an Application for Employment

Almost all of the positions on the above-mentioned list will have the opportunity to submit an
application online. Applications for government positions in Singapore are quite similar to those
for most other types of private employment. You will be required to upload your resume online
as well as fill out some basic information.

The majority of the positions that you apply for will also ask you for your citizenship status as well as your personal information, so be prepared. The job description, criteria, and duties will be provided on the job listing page so that you may familiarise yourself with the position before applying.

7. The Job Interview and the Job Offer

In addition, depending on your level of seniority, you will be required to participate in one or two interviews for most government positions. Interviews must be conducted in the same manner as they would be for any other employment, and there is nothing particular that is required for government positions.

If you are chosen after doing the interview, you will be offered the option to accept or reject the offer. If you decide to accept the offer, be certain that you have all of the necessary work paperwork for the position.

Various sectors for government jobs in Singapore

All of the public employees employed by these agencies, as well as a number of other organisations, are needed in order for the government to operate properly:

  • Ministry of Communication and Information (MCI)
  • Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth (MCCY)
  • The Ministry of Defense (MoD) (MINDEF)
  • The Ministry of Finance is a government agency that is responsible for the management
    and administration of financial resources (MOF)
  • Ministry of Labor and Human Resources (MOM)
  • Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry (MTI)

What is the average salary for government job servants?

A public servant’s salary is the equivalent of 60 percent of the average income earned by Singapore’s highest earners across all professions, according to the government’s official pay scale. This value is intended to indicate a high enough amount to attract and retain the best competent individuals in a particular profession.

Benefits at government jobs Singapore

There are a variety of performance-based incentives available in addition to the base pay, which is given mid-year or at the conclusion of the fiscal year to both the service as a whole and to individuals. Aside from receiving the regular annual pay, public employees are eligible to receive any or all of the following bonuses:

  • The Non-Pensionable Annual Allowance (NPAA)
  • The Annual Variable Component (AVC) is a bonus given to all government employees in the middle of the year and again at the end of the year depending on Singapore’s economic success.
  • Performance Bonus (PB): This bonus may be worth up to six months’ salary, with an average of three months.
  • Bonus for the whole country: The age ranges from 0 to 6 months. If four socio-economic metrics (economic growth, unemployment, etc.) are fulfilled, three months are given.

Latest Government jobs in Singapore

Government jobs in Singapore

Assistant Director (Assurance)Accountant-General's Department
Senior Assistant Director/Assistant Director - Big Data Solutions ArchitectAccountant-General's Department
Manager/Investigations (Contract)National Parks Board
Manager/Assistant Manager (Investment)Tote Board
Associate IT ConsultantSingapore Labour Foundation
Senior Procurement Executive/ Assistant Procurement Manager/ Procurement ManagerDefence Science and Technology Agency
Project Officer, Human Resources & Organisation Development (1 year contract)Economic Development Board
Senior Manager/Manager/Assistant Manager (Pre-Approval Evaluator)Info-communications Media Development Authority
Senior Associates, Industry Clusters Group (Contract)Enterprise Singapore


Is it possible for foreigners to work in the Singapore government?

All foreigners who want to work in Singapore must first get a valid pass (often referred to as a work visa) before beginning their employment. If you want to hire foreigners to work in Singapore, you must first verify that they have a valid work permit in their home country.

Is it difficult to get a job in Singapore?

Singapore is experiencing an increasing number of problems. With the economy in a state of decline, hundreds of recent university graduates are finding it difficult to find work. In fact, according to studies, 61 percent of entry-level positions require at least three years of prior work experience.

What is the best way to get a government job?

  • Determine your specific area of employment in the government sector:…
  • Maintain a good mindset by doing the following:…
  • Maintain a positive frame of mind:…
  • Begin your search for suitable employment by utilising the following job-searching tools:…
  • Conduct thorough research on the department of work:…
  • Keep an eye out for any breaking news:…

Is working for a government job preferable to working for a private company?

Because of the advantages that government employment offer, they are preferable to private sector positions. The most significant advantages of working for the government are job security, work-life balance, bonuses, set working hours, medical benefits, competitive pay, a reasonable number of vacation days, retirement life benefits, and a host of other advantages.

Is a salary of 250k a decent wage in Singapore?

Most people consider it to be a significant amount of money. Having said that, a salary of SGD 250k per year is sufficient to allow one to live comfortably. Definitely. A Crazy Rich Asian, with a penthouse in Marina Bay/Sentosa Cove or a home in District 10, on the other hand, will not be qualified by such a qualification.


In Singapore, there are thousands of individuals who work in government positions, and the number of people working in government positions is growing. If you believe you are eligible for a government position, you should have no qualms about going through the simple application procedure and enjoying a nice and secure lifestyle!


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