Shopee Career

Shopee is the most popular e-commerce site in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, with over 100 million users. It was established in 2015 as a platform designed specifically for the Middle East and North Africa. It offers consumers a simple, safe, and quick online shopping experience via robust payment and fulfillment support.

On the other hand, we think that online buying should be accessible, simple, and fun. The goal outlined above is what Shopee aims to achieve on its platform on a daily basis.

Shopee Career

Shopee CareerShopee Career

Shopee’s Professional Objectives

We believe in the transformational potential of technology and want to make the world a better place by offering a platform that connects buyers and sellers within a single community of like-minded individuals.

Shopee’s Professional Positioning

Shopee delivers a one-stop online shopping experience to Internet users across the area, including a diverse variety of goods, a social network for discovery, and smooth fulfillment services.

Shopee’s Professional Personality

Simple, Happy, and Together are three words that describe who Shopee Career is – how we speak, interact, and respond to any given scenario. These fundamental characteristics are evident at every stage of the Shopee experience.

Why Should You Consider a Shopee Career?

Shopee Career places a high importance on its workers and tries to offer them with the finest possible working environment. We continuously offer chances for our workers to learn, grow, and advance in their careers with us. A dynamic working atmosphere is also provided in Shopee, which helps to foster a fun and collaborative workplace culture. Most essential, we make certain that our workers’ well-being is taken care of so that they may perform at their highest level at work.

Possibilities for Professional Development and Learning

It is our pleasure to work in close collaboration with all leaders, teams, and people at Shopee to co-create learning solutions that are relevant to their needs and interests. We want to be better versions of ourselves in every way.

In order to cater to various groups of workers, Shopee Career’s comprehensive learning programs include General, Functional, and Leadership training.


In this category, you’ll find programs and courses that are geared toward the development of key abilities (such as stakeholder management, communication, or creative and inventive thinking) that are necessary for personal and professional success.


A set of technological and functional efforts designed to expand and enhance their knowledge and abilities in their respective roles and responsibilities is being implemented.


In partnership with Shopee Careers, a series of leadership training, engagement and networking events, coaching and mentorship, along with deep dive sessions, will be held for leaders from throughout the area.

Office Environment that is both vibrant and collaborative


Due to the fact that Shopee Career assists in connecting our millions of consumers and merchants throughout our platform, the broad spatial network patterns are in keeping with the concept of connectedness.


All workers collaborate and debate ideas in a common open-concept workspace that promotes cross-departmental conversations and cooperation.


Shopee Career brings workers together in a welcoming, entertaining, and dynamic atmosphere where they can be themselves and feel comfortable.

Positions that are currently available

  • The Promotion of Employer Branding (Tech)
  • The management of technical projects, including Big Data solution and operation.
  • Engineering for Site Reliability in the Data Infrastructure
  • Recommendation from a Senior Senior Advertising Algorithm Engineer Algorithm Engineer Senior Advertising Algorithm Engineer
  • Market Operations – Customer Success in the Regional Marketplace (Writer)
  • Internal Controls for Marketplace Operations in a Regional Setting
  • Software Engineer: Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) – Application Site Reliability Engineer (App SRE)
  • Marketing in the Regions (Growth)
  • App Development for Technical Product Management
  • Payments for Marketplace Operations in a Regional Setting
  • Strategic and operational aspects of regional marketplace operations
  • e-Learning is a kind of online learning (Multimedia Designer)
  • Online Marketing for Small Businesses in Your Area (Programmatic)
  • Recruitment of Senior Personnel
  • Singapore Marketing is a marketing firm based in Singapore (Shopee Mall)
  • The development of new business – category management
  • System Engineer – Machine Reliability Engineering – Software Engineer – System
  • Assistant to the Merchant Operations Team at ShopeePay (6-months contract)
  • Technical Project Management is a specialized field (IT Compliance) Intern

Students at the Shopee Career Center

For students who want to succeed in a fast-paced workplace, there are many possibilities at Shopee Career. As an intern or recent graduate, you will get the guidance and support you need, as well as the responsibility of making a positive contribution to the company’s growth. Develop your talents and get practical experience
while working with some of the most brilliant brains in the Shopee Career.


As part of its commitment to developing talent, Shopee Career encourages students to acquire real-world experience by participating in internships with the company. In addition to working on high-impact projects throughout our locations globally, our interns are given the chance to explore their professional interests under the supervision of Shopee Career.

Apprenticeship Program for Shopee Careers

This internship program is specifically intended to accelerate and develop high-performing talents via high-impact regional projects, specialized learning & development training, and mentorships conducted by Shopee executives and other senior executives.

Graduates who have just graduated

Shopee Career is constantly on the lookout for passionate young individuals that have a desire to flourish in a dynamic and fast-paced technology environment to become a part of our organization. Fresh graduates from all disciplines are welcome at all of our offices across the globe, and we encourage them to become a part of our quest to improve the e-commerce industry for the better.

The Global Leaders Program is an initiative of the United Nations Development Programme.

It consists of four 6-month rotations in various business functions over the course of two years in Shopee’s Global Leaders Program, which is extremely selective for graduate talent. You will see significant professional development as a result of the structured training you get, and you will be prepared with essential abilities to assume leadership positions in Shopee professions at the conclusion of the course.

Shopee and SeaMoney Track are two applications for the Sea Management Associate Program.

The Sea Management Associate Program (MAP) is the company’s flagship program for ambitious graduates who want to make a difference in the world via technology and become future leaders in the industry. Under the Sea MAP, you will be able to select whatever track you wish to be a leader in: Finance, Garena, Shopee & SeaMoney, or any combination of the three.

Campus Recruitment Taking Place on a Regular Basis

Visit to the Office

Pay us a visit at the office and find out firsthand what it’s like to live and work at Shopee! Our functional specialists will teach you all you need to know about the top e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. A sneak peek at the amazing amenities and lively workplace atmosphere in Shopee is also available!

Career Fair

Pay a visit to Shopee’s booth at your school’s job fair and speak with one of our knowledgeable recruiters. Learn more about the current job opportunities – including internships and full-time jobs – as well as the qualities we seek for in prospective employees in this section.

Campus Collaboration Session

To hear from your Shopee graduates about their amazing career in the company, sign up for one of our special campus lectures. Participate in these sharing sessions to get up close and personal with our leaders and ask them all of your burning questions about Shopee career.

Latest vacancies

Shopee Career

Regional Operations Team Assistant
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Regional Operations (Internal Controls) Team Assistant
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Regional Marketplace Operations - Internal Controls
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Marketing (PR) Intern
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Marketing (Community - Feed) Intern
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Regional Marketing (Campaigns Management) Intern
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Marketing (Community - Live Stream) Intern
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Marketing (Shopee Mall) Intern
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Technical Project Management (Big Data Solution and Operation Analysis)
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The team at Shopee Career hopes that you are now prepared to begin your career with us. If you are not satisfied, please let us know. We are not recruiters; rather, we are job sharers who publish jobs and employment-related information from all around the globe. Please keep this in mind. However, it should be emphasized that we are not a part of the recruiting process in any manner, whether directly or via a third-party intermediary.

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