SingHealth Career

It is the biggest public sector unit devoted to early phase clinical research in the world, according to SingHealth IMU. We perform studies in a wide range of medical specialities, giving our personnel the opportunity to get a comprehensive understanding of the field while still maintaining a particular interest.

SingHealth IMU is constantly on the lookout for energetic individuals with a medical or nursing background who are interested in working in an interesting and fast-paced clinical research facility like SingHealth IMU.

Both clinical research coordinators and clinical research nurses may further their careers via the unit’s well established Singhealth career pathways.

As a member of the SingHealth IMU team, you will be provided with frequent training opportunities to ensure that your knowledge and abilities stay at the forefront of excellent clinical practise in the medical field.

SingHealth Career

SingHealth CareerSingHealth Career

Why should you pursue a career in SingHealth?

Singhealth’s Workplace Culture

Learning and Development Recognizing and retaining top-tier talent For Healthcare Professionals, SingHealth has released new information.

Make a Contribution

Care to Heal, Educate to Empower, and Innovate to Advance are the guiding principles of Singhealth career, which places patients at the centre of all they do.

Taking Time to Heal

  • Singhealth career aims to provide patients with high-quality treatment that is suitable and easily accessible on a regular basis.
  • Singhealth career pledge to place the patient at the centre of all we do as we work in interdisciplinary teams to provide the best possible care.
  • On Singhealth’s career path, there is a significant emphasis on patient safety, continuous progress, and the best clinical results.
  • Singhealth career aspires to be a trusted healthcare leader and to provide patients with peace of mind via our services.

Educate in order to empower

  • Singhealth Career is dedicated to developing future generations of healthcare professionals and enabling them to influence the direction of the healthcare industry in the future.
  • As Singhealth professionally pursues Academic Medicine, we must make full use of the skills, expertise, and talent of our employees and students.
  • SingHealth is a location where you may learn from the finest and reach your full potential since it has a talent pool of trailblazers from a variety of different fields.

Innovate in order to progress.

  • Singhealth career goal at Singhealth is to explore ideas that will change and improve patient care in the future.
  • Using a culture of inquiry, scientific curiosity, and a desire to enhance treatment, we want to convert research findings into advancements that will directly benefit our patients and the medical community at large.
  • It is not just about making discoveries, but also about improving the lives of patients.

Aspiring public health professionals may find a fulfilling job with SingHealth, which offers opportunities to grow and develop professionally while working in public healthcare.

Scholars may have a variety of professional options and growth possibilities.

Scholars in healthcare administration will be trained to take on a variety of positions within SingHealth, including those in leadership. Scholars will have the opportunity to work in and take on various administrative roles in Corporate functions (finance, human resources, education, research, clinical and hospital operations, and so on) in order to gain a better understanding of the various aspects of public healthcare.

This will depend on the course of study and job availability. The Healthcare Management Executive Program will put scholars who have achieved excellent academic performance in order to prepare them for leadership positions in the healthcare industry.

Singhealth career


Singhealth career physicians from more than 40 clinical specialities work to enhance the health of their patients via clinical treatment, research, and educational opportunities.


Nurses are highly-skilled, essential members of our healthcare team who operate in a number of clinical settings throughout the spectrum.

Personnel working in the health-care field other than doctors and nurses

Patient holistic care is provided by AHPs from more than 20 allied health professions – various skills, one passion!

The Departments of Management and Administration

The professional healthcare administrators at Singhealth collaborate closely with clinical teams to provide treatment and define the future of healthcare delivery.


Research is used by scientists and researchers to push the limits of medicine and enhance the quality of healthcare.

Ancillary and Support Functions

Singhealth’s career auxiliary and support teams provide critical assistance to patients and take an active part in improving their overall experience at the hospital.


Through our scholarship options, you may further your education and career as a future healthcare professional.


Take advantage of sponsorship possibilities available at our healthcare facilities to get a jump start in your career.

Positions that are currently available

1. A Clinical Research Nurse is a person who works in the field of clinical research.

Functions and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate communication between prospective participants and members of the study team.
  • Assistance with procedures (such as collecting and delivering blood samples and specimens for analysis) and monitoring study participants in early phase clinical trials are some of the responsibilities of research assistants.


  • Possess a recognised nursing qualification and be registered with the Singapore Nursing Board
  • Hold a valid Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) certificate
  • Have at least 2 years of working experience in a clinical research environment
  • Be meticulous, have good interpersonal skills, and be able to perform shift duties
  • Be a team player and be able to work under pressure

2. Clinical Research Coordinator

Functions and Responsibilities

Provide research support services for clinical trials performed at SingHealth IMU in accordance with the International Clinical Trials Good Clinical Practice guidelines. in the Singhealth career, you will be responsible for project management, administration of clinical trial materials, and other trial-related duties. In the Singhealth career, you will also be responsible for researching information to add value to relevant projects, and providing solutions to problems within deadlines.


For a job in Singhealth, a bachelor’s degree or higher certification in any subject related to clinical research is required. Relevant research working experience is recommended for a Singhealth career.

Become a member of the SingHealth family

To care for patients, develop their abilities, and assist improve healthcare, more than 28,000 committed individuals have decided to become a part of the SingHealth network of organizations. Every job seeker, including recent graduates from colleges, universities, and residency programs, is welcomed at Singhealth career company.

Latest vacancies

SingHealth Career

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Patient Care Assistant (Inpatient)View & Apply
Senior / Staff Nurse (Correctional Healthcare)View & Apply
Enrolled / Senior Enrolled NurseView & Apply
Senior / Staff Nurse (Endoscopy)View & Apply
Senior / Staff Nurse (Operating Theatre)View & Apply
Senior/Staff Nurse (Diagnostic Imaging)View & Apply
Staff Nurse (Department of Child Development) – 2 years contractView & Apply


We hope that you are now ready to begin your career with Singhealth career & education. It’s also important to remember that we are not recruiters; instead, we are job sharers who publish open jobs from all around the globe. We are not engaged in the recruiting process in any way, whether directly or via a third party.

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